Toll Tax Management System

The main purpose of this is to deliver brief solutions of all functionalities of Toll Tax Management Software.We give data storage and data flow,secure & integrated system

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Responive Design

We make remarkable designs for portals which will enhance your company brand which means your system will look good and attractive on devices and you will see significant increase in your profits.

Secure Development

We do secure portal development and provide choice of multiple platforms as per your requirements which means you always get best portal solutions with high level of security and accuracy.

Portal Integrations

We do all kind of 3rd party API integration so that your portal website can function as a hub of your operations which means you will be able to control everything right from a central admin panel of your portal.

360 Degree Recruitment

Our 3600 recruitment solution takes care of everything right from design to customer satisfaction which reduces your worries about technical aspects of portals and helps you to focus on your bottom line


Not Just development, Our portals are fully equipped with marketing functionalities which can help you to promote your websites across a wide range of platforms thus increasing profits for your business


Ask24 Solution specializes in hosting services.Plans offer a lot of flexibility to businesses, developers and individuals.It also provides a familiar environment for administering and managing your Website.

      Ask24 Solution’s advanced tolling systems software help you centrally manage toll operations using a single integrated solution.Toll management System is to collect the correct toll value, according to vehicle’s class, on arrival of the vehicle at toll booth. It is needed to build a real time application, which recognizes reliable, safe and Accountable toll collection & management system.IT is easy and fast Ticket Collectors Screen payer does not need to wait long to pay toll.




>Feature of our Toll Tax Management Systemlike:

  • Quick and easy scan vehicle,smart name searches,vehicle search codes
  • Customised reports and data analysis interface
  • Process Captured data in Real Time, Data Security is Primess
  • Keeps track of progress in your business
  • Integrate your system with leading accounting and other technologies such as PayPal
  • Tracking uncollected and payable bills
  • List of vehicle as per categories
  • Central Monitoring &Configuration Management System
  • Automatic data Backups
  • Easy to Use, Operate and Maintain GUIs
  • Portal platform upgrade and migration
  • Establish brand, widen cliental base and interactivity
  • Different user account like admin,manager,etc.
  • Maintenance and support for portal
  • Improves business services


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